Friends for life?

Friends are a big part of one’s life, that shape us to become the people we are right now. It is true that bad friends can influence us to make poor decisions, but nothing can compare to the enjoyable moment when we share and talk with those we loved. As an introvert, I am still in shock that I actually have groups of friends, both inside and outside of school. But none of them are my best friends.

What does it means to be best friends? They can go to each other house comfortably?  Without much effort to convince their parent? They can share everything, from secrets to clothes? The reality saddened me, the thought that I don’t even have a best friend. But with my friends, we know each other for years, from sixth grade to high school. We may not share clothes, or visit houses often, but we hangout and laugh. We complain about our lives, find new places to hangout, and bought gifts together. The question is, can human survive without friends? Of course there are many who just live their lives in silence without human interaction, but is it healthy? Those people, do they live their life without meaning, do they feel satisfy?

Some just hate to talk with people, but if you want to get into a good college or university that extracurricular activities are required. Either way, people are force to get out of their comfort zone and socialize. I love it now that I can talk and socialize, there is a joy in that particular moment, when you get a chance to find out about a new person who could end up be your friend or somebody important in the future.


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