Depression, many people experienced it, some learned to overcome, some let it consume s their sanity. A few of my friends had been through mild depression, one had overcame and became the most sociable, friendliest person I know. The idea of hopelessness suddenly hit me like a violent storm. I’m not depressed to the point of suicide. Still sometimes, I wondered about my future, and shut down for a while. Everybody all have that moment.

Teenagers worry for universities, scared that their dream colleges might not accept them. Adults worry for their jobs, house bills, rents. I’m just a small person – an ant – compare to this big, wide world. “I’m tired.”, the phrase that consists of many meanings. From hot weather to the lack of sleep, or simply wanting to quit, to tired to hope.

What is the point of trying? What do you do after achieving you dreams? After graduating college? Getting a job, owning a big house? What happen after that? Does it matter if you happy and others suffer? If you see someone cry, would you stop for a while or continue to fight for your dream? Most people choose to ignore, some stop to help that poor human. But life is better at being cruel than kind.

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