We often find ourselves loss in thought, stuck in the middle of an essay, or simply cannot think of anything for the beginning if a story. Your mind is blank, and so am I. Writing is easy, but coming up with an original idea is not. All field of works require originality, such as marketing for new products to entertain its consumers, music and art, even scientists need it. When you browsing web, isn’t there millions of things that amazed you? I just found out about spay paint art, and it was gorgeous. In the picture above, an artist used spay paint to create this amazing sky with the city at night. When did the spay paint street art that called graffiti evolved into the beautiful canvas art? Students are told to follow the rule, being bound strictly to the system that school created, but can they think outside the box? My friends share to me that it is had for them to think when a teacher told them just follow you inspiration, and they just stare at the wall for a whole minute. It might be that we youngster are not expose to the real world just yet, so we may not have many ideas to connect and create. But how can you think outside the box? How can one get inspire from such simple things? Is it just a small idea suddenly sprout from the image of everyday life?

There are so many things in the big world that one has never heard or seen of. To get inspired, one must go out there and find out, not just searching up the internet, but walk outside, look around, and maybe you will see the treasure.

Creative Common 2012


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