I am…we are…waiting for a miracle.

My school had been losing for many years in the Bell Week, but that does not extinguish our flame. In the Bell Week, the student body and everyone will decorates the whole entire school with the most creative, funny, and original quotes that I have ever seem ! The floor in the middle ground of the school was filled entirely with posters, and so are the walls, doors, classes. Students are standing in a long line waiting just to buy a ticket to go to the game. Till now, I’m still surprising at how supportive my school is, and it makes my heart fluttering with delight! I realized that they are waiting for a miracle, a spark of light to show them the way to victory. Will we win like in the movie? Will we ever win? Are we going to win? Are we going to lose? All I know is that everyone will always support the team, their school no matter what the outcome is. I can offer nothing more but supports and cheers.

Creative Commons CCo


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