Ghosts are unreal, or is it?

“Let me tell you a story,” he said, stared straight at me with a mysterious smile.

“A group of friend decided to play and seek, at noon. They, of course, spitted up and James is ‘It’. The clock strikes 12 p.m. while James quickly found all his friends, but one still missing. The group started looking for her, then the family, then the neighborhood. But all in vain. Finally, the grandmother of the girl came home and opened the closet, only to find a scared-to-death girl. The girl was too scared, she had that terrified look on her face, as if she had saw something unworldly. They send her to the asylum after that.”

“Why was she scared?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” He answered expressionlessly, the smile still lingered on his face.

Creative Common Picture


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