Wow…Election of 2016

I was surprised nonetheless, even though I don’t support any candidate, but the end result was simple unexpected. Who could thought that Donald Trump won? Despise all the spites the media spitted at him?

I watched the election with my dad for a while then fell aspleep. My teacher described, “It was blue then almost the whole poll changed to red.” Hillary had a very positive lead in the votes, but then it was changed. What happened? Donald Trump was hated by the media, for being ‘racist and sexist’, but he won? Some people even bought tickets to Canada already, and I still cannot see what the big deal is. Sure he won, sure he has a bad reputation, but people do know that whatever he pass still have to go to Congress, right?

Since he won the election through votes from America, let just see how his presidentcy is. Maybe he won’t change a thing, maybe he will bring something absolutely beautiful tothe country, maybe he will be the opposite. But I want to see how will this president lead America to its greatness.


Creative Commons  Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported


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