The End of Mango Street

I just finished the book “The House on Mango Street”, and oh my, it even darker than I thought it would be. I always get a sense of sorrow and melancholy throughout the book, and the last few chapters really leave me hanging, with questions swirled with confusion. The “Red Clown” chapter, where she was raped, had drawn me in the most. Despise her maturity, she sounded so childlike and her narrative was repetitive, and all over the place, indicates how much of a heartache she is in right now. I want to know what happen afterward, what is her reaction? I know that she  did not tell everyone,does Esperanza hate Sally? The last chapter, is an open-ended ending, she promised she will come back to Mango Street after she left, but the author did not show that Esperanza leaving, only mere promises. Did she leave the town ? And own a house ?

Picture: Jacoueline Yu


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