Vera Pavlova

This poem gave me a great confusion when I first read them, but as I repetitively read them, it slowly forms into something else. To connect, to correspond, to edit, to talk, the author uses parallelism to engage with the readers. Each line, each word holds a meaning. We are all connect and reply to to everything around us, in other word, we are respond to things by doing something back. But what inspire the author to write this poem? Did she intend to sent this to someone else? What is her purpose? What is the purpose of people when they talk about universe anyway? In the poem, Vera mentioned “…the solitary confinement of the universe.”, which lead to question everyone always wonder, what is the purpose of life? Why did we exists? For thousands of centuries, nobody could find the answer for these questions that varies in depth. Human always have an instinct of survivor, which I find it funny and useful, they can strive at the impossible when they’re in danger.

Why? Why do we ask question?

What makes us so special when humans are not even the keystone species?



Picture Source: Ziebarth


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