Interview with my papa

I did an interview with my father in Thanksgiving week, about his past. I opened the topic of why did his family decided to came to America, and here is what he said,

“Communism, that is the only reason. We have no freedom, the communists can just knock on your door in the middle of the night, searching all over the house and then leave. They prisoned innocence people.” Luckyly, my grandfather worked in the US organization something, I can’t remember, but thanks to that, his whole family can leave. They left when the Vietnam War was happened.

History had never been my most interest subject, but hearing stories, personally from my father had sparked so many questions in me. What was the life like back then? Why not all people migrated but only a few? Because they were scared?

Then he went on about his first house in Kansas and how they moved to California. I don’t know how could they have mamaged all of that, not knowing the language nor owning money. But thanks to him, I’m able to enjoy a beautiful life with no major worries. And I would other parts of the world would somehow be influence by the Democratc of America, and I wish they would come to peace.



Picture: Public Domain


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