Technology and the future generation

Whenever I saw children around 3 years old or so, they always have some kind of electron devices that adults give them in exchange for silence. It came to my sense when my sister, Lily, started to wear her glasses just this week, and she is only six years old! I didn’t even wear glasses until I am in fifth grade or so. I realized, no, I knew that children were influenced by modern technology because they are exposed too it so early, but I didn’t think that it was this bad. And with parents who think ipad or phones can help children, they are wrong. That will only ended with nearsighted or farsighted. Is technology ruin the future generation?

I shared this with my friends, Millay, and she shared her opinion,

“I used to to play dolls, and in the sand box, unlike children nowadays who just focus on their mini Ipad.” Children often watch Youtube, but do they even understand what the Youtubers on the Internetwere talking about? Or are they simply attracted by the colorful moving motions? How will the future turn out? Of course I am exaggerated, but will all of them wear glasses at young age? What will happen? They rely more and more on technology, can teenagers survive without craving for Internet just for a day? I don’t think so.

I wish that children can enjoy nature a bit more, that they should learn to appreaciate them. The school district had already debating students should use chromebook for textbook, and my sister who only in first grade already have homework online and have to learn how to use computer.

I afraid… that the world will become what “fahrenheit 451” had predicted…



Creative Common CC0 Public Domain


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