Why do we go to school?

To get a degree, to get a job, to earn money later on.


To live on.

What is the point of trying so hard for something when you know you are not going to succeed?

I often wonder that same question every time I fail, I tried to stand up, but I am simply too tired. Half of my friends decide to go to community colleges so they relax and take easy classes. The others, want to go to big universities, they are dreamers with hands towards the sky. What drive me ? I guess it is the competitive nature that hidden inside of me, I don’t want to be normal, I want more than average, to be good at something.

But then thinking about my parents my mother, Anna and my father, Joe give me strength. they have work so hard to get me to this level. Taking higher classes and try my best will make them happy, or so I thought. I also swear to let all distraction aside, but always come back into the embrace of Internet somehow. It is the Internet and Phone to blame, but still. it is entirely my fault, if I have self-control, then I would have better grade and not to be a walking zombie all the time.

All of this nonsense really makes no sense. But in the end, people seems to forget about the surroundings and only focus on time, job, and money.


Picture Source: CC0 Public Domain


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