What with all these fake news?!

With the presidential election, many people are posting fake news such as Hillary Clinton is a child kidnapper, but when the election was over, new concern rose up. Parents and teachers now worry for teenagers who cannot identify between fake news and the truth. Teenagers are people who engage in social medias the most compare to other generations. They are easy targets to be fool be these money-grabbers. It raise my awareness when my heard an audio about a professor who explain his survey when he asked middle school students about a picture. The picture was deformed flowers and the text claimed that the flowers are raised near Nuclear. Are the picture enough to convince them to believe what the text said?  Professor’s question was somewhat similar to mine, my first though was no, the picture could be Photoshop, how can somebody trust it with just one picture with unknown source? But he revealed that 70% of the students said yes, I was surprised. How can the number be so high? Did they not asked anymore question and just accept as if it was a fact? When did people became so unaware? Will these lead to something dangerous? I wonder what could these fake news doing to us? Is it dangerous? Since they are not physical but just on the Internet, what harm can they make? I don’t really know, what I can tell is that if this continue, the later generations would trusting and relying on the Internet too much to even identify where is the truth anymore.

Picture Source: CC0 Public Domain


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