NY Daily News had captured my attention with its headlight about option for homelessness, my first thought was “there is another way for homeless to not wander outside in the cold?”. Andy Hevesi, created a program called  Home Stability Support Program that allow the expansion of shelter allowance. Pricing for houses keep on increasing, and the public assistance had more trouble than ever due to the lack of employment and increasing population. Shelter or not, it is not a concrete solution, homelessness is everywhere and there is nothing we could do to stop it. But people could help building for food and the government can resolve more solution to stop the unemployment. Human population is rising, especially in US, thanks to the fine food and safe environment, so there would be more people who lack jobs than those whose have it, and it would create more homeless on the streets. Is there solutions for unemployment? Personally, the possibility of it stopping completely is impossible, but there are many ways to improve human lives. There should be restriction on how many children should one family has, to reduce the consumption of resources and if there is less people, than there would be more jobs, and less starvation.


Picture: CC Public Domain 2.0

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/rent-due-humane-homeless-option-article-1.2938260



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