Play-day for students

From the Ted Talk, Stuart Brown have proposed that children have higher rates of suicide  present compared to the past, ironically, it doesn’t surprise me. As a student, I understand their circumstances, under the pressure of studying and good grades for colleges, teens get depressed easily. In the present days, children are forced to think more about study and play less. They are not allow to go alone, most teens and children I’ve seen only been at home and school, they are constantly surrounded by adults and never have truly enjoy freedom. Surely teenagers have personal time such as the bedroom, but it is a big different compared to the 1900s where children can just  run around freely without any supervision. In the past, school was not the first priority or as competitive as now, what I meant was not that we should play instead of school, but everyone should be concern about children’s lives. There is a reason why suicide rate in the young generation is getting higher and higher each year.  Yes study is good, but there should be more about relaxation and play in freedom without any supervision for dangerous. It helps develop the brain more intelligently and get it to works.

And so I have a play day in one of the classroom, where everyone to joined in small groups and play broad games, or hide-and-seek.  It was a mixed feeling. Half of me felt happy not studying and play games, half of me felt the urgency to finish the homework  or going back to do the outline or study something instead of the game. I did not enjoy the play day like I thought I would be. It scares me. I can never relax, when it’s weekend, there was project or something school-related on my mind, and everything is just a waste of time. How is the younger generation going to survive? Are they even worse than us with their mind stuck in these endless competitions ? Expectations?

Picture Source: CCO Public Domain



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