About A Thousand Words(not really though)

My family, the one that you see in everyday life, with laughter and yelling, and not so much dramas. Father worked in Stem cell Therapy, and my mother is a tailor . He retired, with wrinkles on the edges of his eyes and a tan face. Mother is still young for her age, working as twice now since she is the only one whose uphold the family. Mother is the one who pay for my piano lesson every Saturday, my exams, the general livestock of the house.


I found myself write about the matter of family, pressure, and motivation frequently compare to other. Most of my post are under the category of question. Why you ask? everything seems to have its mystery even in the most boring subject. Indeed, I could have write about a thousand words or more about questioning my life purpose and the mentality of a student who under the pressure and competitive environment. Not only that, I simply want to question everything, not necessary answers. Questions give me more ideas and help me understand more about writing, it opens a whole new world before my eyes.

Beneath is the post where I talked about my parents and how they gave me the motivation to continue to study. The pressure from my mother and the competitive environment in my school urged me not to give up, to keep my grades high and keeps my chin up in dignity.


This post,has a question that appears in my mind every day, every minute whenever I’m studying. What happen if I don’t get accept into UC ? I’m not talking about any universities, I’m talking about the one that my mom or I want to get into. Write in thousand or more, I can expand on it endlessly. Why?

All my life, my mother always ask of me to get the highest, to be with the same with everyone, never, never be lower. She wants the best for me, and in her mind, everything has to have a good beginning to have a good ending. And because of that, I always try my best, thinking that getting into universities is the best to be success. Of course, many people I know success without going to universities, in reality, they quit after high school.

But I was shaped from childhood. My heart, my mind do not allow me to give up or be easy on myself. I will hate myself if I take it easy when I can do better. So many words I can write about this stupid life and motivation that my parents give me since they are the one who influence me, the one who I listen to.


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