Source: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5BrCob1WIWWS2xlb2NQbmpiSms/view


Detail is an important element in writing that brings dramatic changes to written pieces. However, most of abstract pieces are well-known and provoke reader’s emotion easier. I didn’t really pay attention when writing essays or such, since I’m just spitting out words that come to mine.

But after reading the article by Beth Johnson explaining about specific writings instead of generalized pieces, I see its usefulness.Not that I ignore the precision in writing style, but often in my essay, I don’t write much into the important detail.

Let’s take one example from the article, compared to the general and vague application, the specific application that includes GPA and what kind of job he did, employer would want to employ the later more since the application itself shows the genuine and the time it takes to write this detailed application.

Too much information? Well, you have to focus on the right subject that deserve to be expand. I don’t have a problem with going overboard, but I problem with going into detail. Figurative and picturesque style is what I like, still it’s hard to describe things more precise when you don’t know much about the subject.

The article helps my mind open more and it doing a great job by providing the differences between specific versus the opposite of what specific.

Detail can paint a vivid scene or image and imprint onto the readers’ minds like no other do. It gives colors, no, it gives a breath of life into the object, pull the souls of readers into that piece of writing.


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