Spelling for Mister President

Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fZks_teEsJwdisY-O8w9fz5GV5kIGU4I7JUmLeA9htk/edit


If you can’s handle one small thing, then how can you handle big things ahead? I admit that I’m a terrible writer, simply because of my obvious grammar mistakes, not once or twice, but the whole essay. Nevertheless, I’m still young and still have time to improve myself, but for those whose are in the top hierarchy, people expect them to achieve little things easily.

The document stated Fallow’s annoyance for our new president, Donald Trump, when he made mistake such as misspelling his tweets. In Fallow’s perspective, the new president is the one who has the entire country on his hands, so if President Trump tweeted only a few lines and kept on misspelling even the easiest thing, then how is he suppose to make this nation better? The writer also pointed out a few editors whose misspelling words in texting or mailing.

Is this a big deal? I saw in the document that everyone seems to misspell something, even the Department of Education. But their mistake was on tweet or so, not on book. Still, such important people who are suppose to be in the field of English language to be making mistakes that middle school students would make, I have nothing to say. For me, Fallow was kind of making it a big deal, surely president Trump needs somebody to read over his tweet for mistakes if he is going to tweet that for millions of his followers to see, because if he keeps doing his ‘typo errors’ then soon this misspelling will be the trend that everyone will copy. But on the other side, Department of Education or former editor should not have such mistakes. They are seen as the head of language department, if even them making mistake, then what is the point of all years studying for?

Fallow’s essay is persuasive by itself due to the concrete examples by taking experts and pointing mistakes they shouldn’t made.

Picture Source: CCO domain


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