Mr. Trump on NYT about Putin


The newspaper published by New York Times, asked President trump about the Putin – the President of Russia – where he stated that The U.S. isn’t so innocent compared to other countries. With their poetic writing, I can assume that Donald Trump admired the strength of those powerful presidents whose shattered others’ blood on their hands. But what stand out to me the most is the way New York Times depicting the interview and Trump’s opinion. There is a war between Donald Trump and the media, it roasted him mercilessly compared to Hillary. But in this particular piece, he stated,

“We will work with Ukraine, Russia and all other parties involved to help them restore peace along the border,” Mr.Trump announced in the White House.

Based on what the media feed on people, they all confidently stated, no, let people concluded that Trump will most likely led America to war or destroy it due to his ability of anger people by his way of talk.

And I had thought of that before, thanks to the media and its influence, in this article, he wanted to make peace but still stand firmly and hold on to his belief instead of pretending to get along.

YouTube now was overloaded with news from Donald Trump to Russia and its ambassador. For me, it seems like everyone is trying to eliminated trump, even though he has many supporters , but the media thinks differently. My thought was clear after reading the article, since we chose Mr.Trump as our president, he will not go to war or act embarrassing in front of the world as most of the media said he would.

I think everyone should be more delighted about our new president, well, and concern too.

Picture Source: CC 2.0


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