NYT Shia LaBeouf

Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gRi3-Qfgyu0x3k2OJt4xJ5b6i87IOtZGxL3DvC5__XY/edit

People often go on strikes or protest against things such as freedom and rights. In this particular time when the people are distress and torn feelings about their newly elected president, Shia LaBeouf went with the movement and speak up against Donald Trump with his quote, “He will not divide us”.

Celebrities, undeniably,  insisted on more fame compared to the political field. They also have great influence with the sphere in certain areas. But this article, the author clearly expressed the dislike for celebrities who bring attention to the cause of social beliefs.

Why did Shia Labeouf brought the attention into the president with his quote, Trump is already a president, the law he passed out will have to scan by Congress and the Senates, so there is no way that the laws are gonna be favored on one side. Did he and others did this in order to have Donald Trump abdicate? What is the point of expressing this if it brings nothing except more views on this social ‘issue’?

Picture Source: CC 4.0


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