Mini Zines


My teacher introduced me to ‘zines’, also called mini-magazine, these are independent handmade little notebooks filled with pictures and words.

I have always been fascinated with the artworks in sketchbooks, filled with simplicity and colorful. Zines, allowed short stories to expanded with pictures, and it’s not as expensive as other comic books or magazines. According to my teacher, “It’s like social media.” he stated.

In this particular zine, named ” a dead spot of light…”, what first captured my attention is its cover, a faded yellow background with a simple drawing of snake, and a ha on its head. It stood out compared to hundreds of other zines to me. This zine is an interview with a band of black metal scene, and I was confused at first. The questions were casual and basic such as “what makes you interested about black metal?” , then it got more deep.

An adventure into the world of black metal music, with its beautiful form and hidden meaning behind it, compared to the thick book, this zine gives me more information and feelings. each was written with such details and dedication, I was absolutely memorized by this ‘zine’, a word that I’ve never heard before. Maybe it was the explicit detail, or the depth of how deep it could go within 21 mini-pages.

Personally, I hope everyone will read all of zines, ranged from cute stories to political aspect, each contained art in all forms. But technology is taking over, and zines are dying, so are books. everyone is responsible for taking action, getting their eyes off the screen and go exploring, either library or nature, you will find beautiful scenes that worth everything.


Picture Source: CC Public Domain


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