The Affection that bring Happiness

My friends, my family, and me, had some kind of intimacy – some kind of closeness that human tends to do to express their love. We do it everyday, shake hands, touching, hugging, a form to express love and friendliness. Animals do the same thing.

Why though?

Surely everyone heard about the scientific explanation for skin contact, but I never thought about so carefully. Even though you talk and talk all day, put with just one single touch, a high five, or a kiss on the cheek, is enough to show love without talking. It makes me appreciate that I have a loving family, amazing friends. I always known that I and so many others are more fortunate compared to others, yet we complained much more to the point of depression.

While in class, I casually sat on my friend since she took my seat, our hands intertwined as a form of laugh and joke, inspired me to write this post. I can’t imagine what would I do without my friends and family, and then reading books, I saw families breaking apart, inevitable.

How can people survive alone?

Can their mentality strong enough to survive millions years without company?

I wonder a person who been through betray of people they loved will have what kind of breakdown?

Revenge? Or getting stronger and move on?

Or shutting themselves down and refused to believe in life?

Picture Source: CC Attribution 2.0


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