High salary but nobody wants it?!

SOurce: http://www.latimes.com/projects/la-fi-farms-immigration/#nt=oft09a-7gp1

The LA Times article suprised me with its title – Wages rise on California farms. Americans still don’t want the job. Reading the first few paragraphs, I genuinely suprised, from what I’ve seen about the unemployment rate, most people would feel happy about getting a job that pay high and guarantee safety. What could be better than that?

Solorio asked people who are homeless or even drug addicts to work for his farm ,“Look, we are paying $14.50 now, but we are going up to $16.” since the season is coming. People refused. even after finish reading,I cannot understand why. It’s such a good job, where they all guarantee to have insurance and the salary is much better than others for those desperately looking for a job.

People are looking for desk job like secretary or some sort, to them, working out on the field hurts their dignity, plus it’s definitely more work. That is what I get while reading the comment section. Working inside is the same as working outside, you get backpain when sitting too long, and outside is the sun.

There are many opportunities provided for everyone, yet there were poverty because those whose want job that satisfy their conditions. I would be happy if someone offer it, working out in field is good for health too. One comment made me laugh with its advice,

“Instead of the government guaranteeing student loans, these students should work the fields when not in school. Its a win-win. Less debt and more farm workers” from Gallgu. It amazed me. Well, the students’ schedule must match with the farmers’, but that is such a great solution to debt!

I know that I have said my answer, but why would there be less people work for the farm with salary as high as those work in company and such?

Picture Source: CC0


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