Mountain of food waste

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In America, milk are being waste everyday in all states of the country. According to its expired, whenever the date of expiration come, employees would take all the milk and drained them. Research proved that milk pass its expiration can still be good for another 29 to 30 days. People have been trying to think of solution to make the best use of this, but all seem useless. Nobody wanted to buy expired milk, and the state required it to be pour all the way.

In the video, one man mention of donating it to the homeless instead of throwing, or have the states to change its law in food section. I think that’s a very good idea, especially they gonna throw it anyway, but still there is no other way. Is food waste problem going to be solve in the future? In broader range, not only milk, but fruits as well when they passed their ripen phrase. Most of all, when the video mentioned about 40 percents of food went to waste, I was surprised, it was nearly half of the food production. There are thousands of homeless people out there yet here we are throwing food so easily.

Apparently, food waste is not the biggest concern now in America, but we need more people fighting, no, raising their voice to get more notice and maybe, in the future, we will not have that excessive food production as we have right now.

Picture Source: CC by 2.0


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