Running with Time

April, the year passed so fast, I thought yesterday is just the first day of school, now it;s almost summer. And I hate it. I hate it because of the final exams, because of AP Exams, because of SAT. Summer means all of those things, they will catch up with me and torture me in my dreams. I am never good with pressure and tend to panic, and I am never ready for any of these important tests. These tests decide my whole future. In others’ eyes, it might seem like a stupid ideology, but in students’ eyes, they are everything.

I keep on asking myself, it just beginning of a school year, and how come summer is so near now! I realized that I haven’t done anything such as going wild, going to school dance nor anything like. And I haven’t’ accomplish a thing!

Now students are ready for a race, entering the AP Exams and I can see the fire in their eyes along with tired. I hope we can survive this.


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