This year has been particular stressful both outside and inside school, but as school year come to an end, I’m afraid all the learning I gained will soon disappear during summer. In class such as English and History, I found myself grow more wise and gain more knowledge through books and learning and practices since AP classes required rigorous reading. I found a method for me as a learner that I learn better through self-study compared to videos or watching videos. As a writer, I personally had no method for inspiration, but surprising, I write fast and ideas overflow naturally when I’m under pressure compared to doing it normally or have no pressure of due date at all.

There are many things a person regrets in their life, and I am the type that act before think and regret easily. For once, I’ll definitely make up one thing if I can is to pay more attention and focus on my grammar mistake, I have never been good in grammar, and whenever I write my essays, there are mistakes everywhere that I did not notice until somebody point it out. My writing has improved, I write faster as well as more fluent and more professional, but the mistakes still continue. I plan to apply I learning this year into writing blogs and stories on different web sites. The inspiration comes from all things such as watching a movie or read a book, but due to my insecurity about writing, I never thought of publish my stories. My mind changed when I received comments about my essays and how to improve them, and that makes me more confident. So I decided to write stories and post them on different websites.

During the class discussion, I chose the question “How do words limit or make connection?” as my best one. I can think million things of how action can create misunderstand between people, but words? Isn’t words suppose to solve misunderstanding, how can it limit any connection that humans have with each other?

Books demonstrate the answer clearly, for example, The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield, a lonesome character who just wants company, but his words stop people from making connection with him. During his date with Sally Hayes, he called her “a pain in the ass”, causing her running away and cried. People want to connect with him, but his different words and tendency to talk in circles cause them to grow apart, and none of them want to talk to him ever again. In my eyes, he is the one to don’t want to connect to people, his hot-tempered personality tend to hurt the people surround him. In order to limit the connection that one has with others, one simple insult or just talk with topics people don’t like can cause others to get away.

Not only had the Catcher in the Rye, but the projects ‘Zine’ also helped a part in the big picture. Zine is a magazine-like, where creators get to be creative and put as much words or pictures as they like, it can be a story, or a report about social problems. As my teacher shown me some Zines, I searched online and saw expressive zines which persuade me to read. One of them, really connect me with the author as it tells a story about a girl, the others, as if it read my life and paint multiple pictures as well as a few words to describe it. Words can unite people together for the same purpose or simply, they ‘clicked’. I saw many great friendship, and they all connected by words, when they talk, it seems that it can never stop. Words, phrases, language, they all related, but branch out on their own. At the same time, words can hurt a person with its simplicity such as an insult or a slip of tongue, but it can pull people together with its extravagant honest when people talk about the same topic. This is a small picture compared to the completes puzzle, whenever I talked to my friends or socialize to others, the realization of us connecting thrilled me, I realized that if we don’t have anything in common or been through the same thing, we wouldn’t close friends. So I shared the question I have in class with friends and shared my opinion. Personally, I don’t like to share in social media but rather face-to-face, because I feel everyone would be more honest and we could connect more to each other. They stated the same opinion with me, and the group discussed furthermore into the detail of Holden’s mental state.

My curiosity, and critical thinking skill has improve greatly this year due to numerous practices and critical reading that has limited time and analyze quickly. And in order to extend my learning, I practiced my writing skills through writing stories, and read more advanced and classics books since I have a hard time understand in a limited time. The book “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov really opened a new perspective in me, and I went online to see the discussions about this book, surprisingly, there is the debate about the main character where the book was romanticized or it was meant to show the abuse. For me, the book was a bit difficult since it was written in 1955, and included some French words with no translation, so I apply my critical thinking skill and questioned those who think this book is romantic, and use it to review the book.

Word count:925

Image Source: CC0 License


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